Milk & Honey is a catering company that provides gourmet meal services which feature a wide range of local & international cuisine. Formerly known as Slice of Heaven, it was established in 2015 and registered as a business in 2016.


Milk & Honey Gourmet Meal Services combines innovation and the love of food to become Nigeria’s number one gourmet meal service provider; creating excellent culinary experience, one customer at a time.


To become the market leader in the Nigerian culinary scene by providing quality meals, excellent service and innovative solutions in order to build a customer-centric brand that wins the heart of every customer at first bite.

Our Values

Quality: We pride ourselves in the quality of our meals and services. We source for every item we serve; from our plates to the food, with special consideration for quality. We ensure that every plate of food in front of every customer is of top notch quality to the best of our abilities.

Innovation: Milk & Honey prides itself in its efforts to use technology to revolutionize the Nigerian culinary scene. We constantly seek new ways to create a simple, efficient and affordable culinary experience for our customers.

Reliability: At Milk & Honey, we under-promise and over-deliver. We ensure timely delivery of our services. Our goal is to establish a customer base that has full confidence in our abilities.

Employee Engagement: As part of our triple bottom line policy, we constantly demonstrate the value we place on people, especially our employees. At Milk & Honey, employee buy-in is as important as customer buy-in. We constantly seek out individuals who believe in our dreams and make our vision a part of theirs. In turn, we give our employees a chance at personal development. We believe in equal pay and in encouraging our employees to do better, not just for the company, but for themselves.

Customer Service: At Milk & Honey, we believe every impression is as important as the first. We go above and beyond to keep our customers happy to the best of our abilities. We create a process around each customer and treat every customer like they are our only customer.

Health: Milk & Honey takes special care of the dietary needs of each customer. From peanut allergies to diabetes, we desire to provide meals suited to each customer by considering their health. We consult with our meal plan subscribers with special needs and customize a meal plan that satisfies their minds and bodies.

Community: Our desire is to create a community around our brand and to give back to our society by participating in food drives and charity events

Customer Segments

Event Planners: We work with event planners as vendors providing dessert and entrees to events (weddings, birthdays, book launch etc.)

Companies: We provide lunch catering services and one-off catering to companies. We create a special menu for each company, taking to account location and possible company policies. We also offer special discounts to employees in the value chain; encouraging the employees to eat within the premises of the company thereby helping the company save useful working hours.


The Lagos Upwardly Mobile Individual (LUMI): We provide breakfast and lunch delivery to Lagosians who are too busy to make or grab breakfast and lunch. We have two sub segments under this classification:

1.The One-off customer (Zoom Clients).

2.The Subscriber.

We create meal plans for our subscribers by taking into consideration our customers’ dietary needs and preferences. We then deliver the meals to the customers daily, at any location of their choice for as long as their subscription lasts. We also give our customers without special needs a chance to create their own menu from a set piece of available options.


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