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It was one of those busy days at the bank. Coffee, biscuits and plantain chips littered our desks. One stern faced Director looked at our desks in disgust. “On my floor no one snacks at their desk. What nonsense is this? Seun (Not real name) is too soft. You people just do whatever you like.”

Oshey! Inspector General of ***** Bank

On a normal day, we’d at least pretend to feel reprimanded by Oga ED, but not that day. We were preparing to release the Annual Financials, and were starving. Coffee had lost its effect. I just wanted food and sleep. My teammate and I finally got a breather. We snuck to the coffee room on our floor and then she asked me this question;

“What would you like to eat?”

Dara wanted to order lunch/dinner. My mind was a mess. I was still thinking about numbers that didn’t add up and how some lines on the 15th slide were not perfectly aligned. It was our 7th draft. Tobi would have us do it all over again if it wasn’t perfect. I felt brain dead. I really didn’t want to look through the website of a food delivery company. The process would have been too stressful. First I’d have to decide on what type of food I’d like, then decide on the restaurant, only to find that the only thing I want is quite expensive, rinse, repeat. I really didn’t want to have to think. Also most restaurants within my price range had the same boring menu.

“Dara I am tired of rice. We had small chops yesterday. The last thing I want to do now is think so deeply about food. My brain is fried. Don’t you just wish someone would just bring you food, something different every day of the week? Like can I not eat rice for like a whole week?”

“Yeah! That is true! You used to pack your meals! All those interesting meals. Why did you stop?”

“So I will get home at 11 pm, knowing I have to be out of the house by 5am, and it is food that I will be thinking about abi?”

“Maybe you should get a driver? You won’t be so stressed out”

“On what salary?”


My name is ‘Lola, and I just want to make Lagos livin’ easier for you. Whether it is your main hustle, or your side hustle, everything requires attention. In a city like Lagos, you need mental and physical energy to chase after your daily goals. On the flip side, when you work from dawn to way past dusk, there is simply no time to waste, so you eat whatever you can find, whenever you can find it. Milk & Honey was born out of the desire to help people in metropolitan cities like Lagos come a step closer to peace by taking chaos out of an activity that seems so simple but has become so stressful; eating.

At the end of the day, (Wo)Man must chop. And although we did not come to count bridges in Lagos, we can not come and go and die. There are some little pleasures we should be able to enjoy, like good food. My people say, you must have inner strength in order to handle external stress

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well” – Virginia Woolf

This is why we exist. You shouldn’t have to compromise on good food. It is a necessity. To do all you wish to do well, you need to eat well. We want our customers to focus on their jobs/dreams/goals/hobbies; whatever it may be, while we focus on ensuring they eat good food and conveniently too. This is why our meal plans only run from Mondays to Fridays.

Is Lagos confining you to a rice everyday diet? Call us.

Tired of the struggle food in your office cafeteria? Call us.

Tired of wasting precious hours thinking about food? Call us.

Happy bellies, happy offices. No more snapping at your coworker because all you’ve had is coffee (unless of course your side hustle is photography.) No more fighting in traffic because you skipped breakfast.

Milk & Honey is a metaphor for tranquility. We hope that in our own little way, we will bring some tranquility to the lives of Lagosians one customer at a time. We hope you’ll become a part of our community. Thank you.



Workaholic Chill oh

You no go carry money go heaven….

Falz said it


With love and food from my kitchen to your desks and tables,

Omolola Akintola (I hate titles)


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